A mindful approach to your money.

You talk. We Listen.

All our lives we have been told not to talk about money. But like anything that concerns you in life, it’s always better to talk about it. At LAPIS Wealth Advisory, our ability to dig into a client's underlying mindset when it comes to financial decisions is what sets us apart.

Financial clarity starts with a conversation.

Financial clarity starts with a conversation.

Learning about your concerns and understanding your motivating financial factors is key to building you a thoughtful plan. Our process involves listening to you, assessing your needs, protecting your wealth, investing wisely, and always serving your best interests.

Giving you a world of financial wisdom.

For centuries, the name lapis was synonymous with a prized gemstone with a brilliant blue hue, also known as The Wisdom Stone. Likewise, we’re here to offer you the wisdom we’ve gained over years of working with clients to help them overcome their financial obstacles.

Our Process

Young Investors

When you're starting your career and your whole life is ahead of you, it's important to think about your long term objectives as well as the short term ones.

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Our History

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Feeling secure about your financial situation is critical to your retirement, so we’ll help you find a retirement plan you can count on. 

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Our Values

Small Business Owners

As a business owner, you have unique needs regarding taxes, cashflow and retirement planning. We can help.

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Financial clarity starts with a conversation.

Uncovering your feelings about finances. 

We want you to feel relaxed and free to talk about whatever is on your mind. We can meet you in our casual and inviting office setting. Or we’ll travel to you. 

Ready to listen and learn about you.

It feels good to discuss important issues in your life, like career, retirement, and legacy. If you’re ready to talk, LAPIS Wealth Advisory is ready to listen. 

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